North Creek Goldens

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The Field/Hunting Golden Retriever: (Honey & Hilo) This Golden is usually a darker color scheme. They are generally smaller-framed dogs, with more energy, drive, and of course, hunting/retrieving instinct. These dogs are well-suited for agility, drug detection, and search and rescue work.

The American Golden Retriever: (Kona/Keeva/Charlie) These Goldens range from Light Golden to Dark Golden, but most tend to be the Golden color. They are larger than the Field Golden, yet slightly smaller than the English Golden. This is the Golden Retriever you see in AKC dog shows on tv. This is also the Golden you will find in many backyards.

The English Cream/British White Golden Retriever: (Ridge/Ellie/Fleury)These Goldens are mostly of the Light Golden color scheme. These dogs are often white or cream. Some are referred to as Platinum Blonde. These dogs are usually larger than the AKC standard, often weighing close to 100 pounds. They are big-boned, have larger, blocky heads, and dark pigmentation to the skin and around the eyes. These dogs have a calmer disposition compared to the American Golden (and especially compared to the Field Golden) and are often referred to as laid-back or big babies English Creams are relatively rare in the United States.

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