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Meet the Golden Mom


Born in Las Vegas and raised in Maui, Hawaii, I've been an animal lover since I was three years old. By age eight I was able to identify over 100 different dog breeds and by 18 I had fallen completely in love with Golden Retrievers.

I spent several years in the Veterinary industry and with my knowledge and experience, decided I wanted to begin a breeding program that would raise standards and give puppy parents the opportunity to bring home a quality Golden Retriever in hopes to steer families far from backyard breeders that are on the rise in Las Vegas.

Aside from the health and temperament of my Goldens, the relationship I have with my puppy parents is my highest priority.

My life revolves heaviliy around my Goldens, my husband and human children. I love working with and training my Goldens for Rally, Obedience and Conformation and spending time at the Colorado River with my family.

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