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Our Story

I purchased Kona as my first pet on my own in college. I did extensive research on all types of different dog breeds and couldn't help but continue to be drawn to Golden Retrievers. I couldn't find one registered breeder in the state and couldn't find one elsewhere within my student budget. I ended up finding him on Craigslist from a backyard breeder for $300. He was 3 months old, not current on medical care and a wild puppy.

I took Kona anywhere and everywhere with me - he had never had any professional training (I did the best I could at 18) yet somehow, was the most well-behaved dog in public. I took him to the nail salon, coffee dates with friends, endless park visits, everything - he instantly became my best friend. It was a few months into this I realized how much I loved this dog.

Kona grew with me through everything, including starting a family. As my only baby, I was extremely nervous to introduce him to my soon to be newborn son, I thought for sure he would be jealous and react aggressively.However, when the meeting day finally came, he reacted the exact opposite. He acted as if it was his baby. He still continues to do so and has definitely learned his role as protector of the family.

After Kona, I brought home my second Golden, Hilo and was not disappointed. Hilo came from a much more reputable, responsible breeder and within a few weeks you could tell the difference.

With Kona came a ton of medical problems - mostly allergies. In addition, I learned that he also had a mild case of aggression - especially when responding to discipline. Being the veterinary student I was then, I researched it and found that in the past, there had been reported aggression in the breed due to irresponsible breeding. I started to research how that and medical problems could be avoided which brought me to over two years of research on how to better this already wonderful breed.

I still have Kona and he's still my best friend. We've figured out how to control his allergy breakouts and no, he doesn't foam at the mouth and get wildly aggressive. Kona truly helped me discover my passion for this breed. I want to share the experience of loving a Golden Retriever with anyone else who is looking for a forever family friend. Whether you're a single individual or a family of five. I want to provide you with the perfect family member - without the issues I had to experience with Kona.

I take immense pride in my Goldens and have put in a respective amount of time and dedication in selecting my parents - I am obsessed with studying bloodlines,  personality, temperament and health are vital. to ensure the perfection is passed along to my puppies.

My puppies will always be family. Regardless of who they go home to. For the duration of your Golden's life, if for whatever reason you are not able to care for your pet - that family member will always have a home to come back to.

From day one, my Goldens are raised in the home and treated as family members. They are raised right in our single-family home right alongside myself, my toddlers and the rest of our canine companions to help prepare them for their future home life.

Puppies will be subjected to a socialization schedule as soon as it is age appropriate and sent home up to par with proper veterinary care.

For more information on what to expect when adopting a puppy with us, please visit "Your Puppy" page.

If you are unsure about adopting a puppy from any breeder but know you want a Golden. Please check out Goldens Without Borders. 

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