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Welcome to North Creek Goldens

Finding an ethical breeder is tough, let alone one you can actually trust. Eight years ago I had difficulty finding a Golden Retriever puppy locally that I could actually afford. After what seemed like forever in my search, I felt that I had no other option but to search on Craiglist - purchasing from a backyard breeder. I was so stressed in my search, I bypassed all of the important questions to ask while looking for a pup! I, of course immediately fell in love with my Craiglist Golden (I still have him to this day!) but he came with so many issues and lessons that prompted me to better study and understand the breed. 

 I love and respect Golden Retrievers with all of my heart. My mission is to educate future Golden lovers of the correct breed standard and provide sound, healthy puppies that compliment what the breed is meant to be. My Goldens are the equivalent of my children, making my puppy parents immediate family. If you ever have any questions or any concerns - I am here for you for the life of your Golden. Once you bring one of my puppies home - you're a part of the Golden Pack.

Tucked away in the Northwest corner in the city of Las Vegas, our family is made up of five humans and five furry family members. Our dogs (and resident cat) do just about everything with us including mountain hikes & family gatherings. We do not function as a kennel - the puppies, and all of our Goldens are housed and raised, right inside our home.

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